This is a little maven plugin that allows you to document your maven site using OpenOffice (and I would guess any other software supporting ODF text documents (odt). Only OpenOffice have been tested though) and produce APT documents from that. You must use a special template ( that comes along with this plugin. It contains all the formats supported by APT. The plugin will read the .odt document and produce a corresponding .apt document. Any image found in the document will be copied to the image directory specified in the plugin configuration.

See the user guide for more specific information.

Maven usage

Here is an example:






Now when you do "mvn site " it will execute this plugin in the "pre-site" phase before it start generating the site.

See the UserGuide for how to setup the repository this plugin is available in for automatic download.

Here is a picture of the OpenOffice document that is the source of the odt->apt->html result you are reading right now: