Class APTLink

  extended by
      extended by
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All Implemented Interfaces:
IgnoreChildren, NonParentSpaceReceiver

public class APTLink
extends APTText

This represents a hyper text link in a APT document.

Hyper text links have one of the following formats:

 {{href}} - link with href as text.
 {{{href}text}} - link with different text.

This is an APTText subclass which means that this can occur within an APTParagraph.

Field Summary
private  String href
          The href.
Constructor Summary
APTLink(String href)
          Creates a new APTLink.
Method Summary
protected  String getAPTTextValue()
          Returns the value.
 void setHRef(String href)
          Sets the href of the link.
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Field Detail


private String href
The href.

Constructor Detail


public APTLink(String href)
Creates a new APTLink.

href - The href of the link.
Method Detail


public void setHRef(String href)
Sets the href of the link.

href - The href to set.


protected String getAPTTextValue()
Returns the value.

getAPTTextValue in class APTText

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