Class APTSectionTitle

  extended by
      extended by
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public class APTSectionTitle
extends APT
implements IgnoreChildren

This represents a section title in a APT document. This only supports 5 levels of titles since I got the impression that is the limit for APT according to the "" document, but I can have missinterpreted that. Not having the need for more personally I have never tested going further.

The highest level section title starts at the first character of a line. Lower lever section titles are prefixed with one or more '*' characters and then a space.

Field Summary
private  int level
          The level of the title.
Constructor Summary
APTSectionTitle(int level)
          Creates a new section title.
Method Summary
 String getValue()
          Returns the value.
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Field Detail


private int level
The level of the title.

Constructor Detail


public APTSectionTitle(int level)
Creates a new section title.

level - The level of the title (1 - 5).
Method Detail


public String getValue()
Returns the value.

getValue in class APT

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