Class Failure.ThreadInstance

  extended by java.lang.ThreadLocal<Failure>
      extended by
Enclosing class:

private static class Failure.ThreadInstance
extends ThreadLocal<Failure>

Provides a thread safe instance of the failure handler. This is probably overkill since I doubt maven builds will ever be multithreaded, but I decided to do it this way anyhow just for the heck of it, if nothing else :-).

Constructor Summary
Failure.ThreadInstance(boolean dontFail, PrintStream failStream)
          Creates a new ThreadInstance.
Method Summary
 Failure initialValue()
          Provides the initial handler instance.
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Constructor Detail


public Failure.ThreadInstance(boolean dontFail,
                              PrintStream failStream)
Creates a new ThreadInstance.

dontFail - true to only display a message without breaking the build.
Method Detail


public Failure initialValue()
Provides the initial handler instance.

initialValue in class ThreadLocal<Failure>

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