Interface Summary
ImageHandler Implementation of this is passed to OdtSAXHandler to help extract images references by parsed contents.

Class Summary
Debug Support class for handling debug messages.
Failure.ThreadInstance Provides a thread safe instance of the failure handler.
ODT2APTMojo Goal which converts OpenOfficeOrg .odt documents using a special template to APT.
OdtSAXHandler This handles the relevant SAX events from the SAX parser for extracting information from the odt content.xml file.
OdtSAXHandler.Current This represents what is currently being parsed.
ProjectConstants This just holds some constants that gets updated by CodeLicenseManager.

Enum Summary
QName This is an enum of .odt content.xml names of interest.
Style This is an enum of available APT styles.

Exception Summary
Failure This is a special class handling failures, and handling them differently depending on configuration.

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